Beautiful Weather!!

With this gorgeous weather I keep thinking we are a couple months ahead into April!

Texas and Bella are still doing great at the arena. Texas has really improved on his stops and staying in his spins and adding some speed. Bella Sorted for the first time this week after being on cattle only a few times and she loved it and made some really great moves and shows that she really wants to work cattle! Very excited for the summer with these 2 great horses!

Whya and Cosmo are doing great with being started. Whya has a couple rides and is walking, trotting and loping pretty relaxed. Cosmo also has a few rides and is proving to be very soft laterally!

With this warm weather everyone is thinking ahead for spring time and getting out and riding. I am booked for February-April. Still spots open beginning in May 2014. Offer colt starting, refreshers, general performance training and cow horse training. Check out the Training page for more info and prices. Have many references as well! Always welcome to come out and watch a session and I usually try to send photos and video updates.

Enjoy the warm weather!

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