First Show!

So our first show this year was June 14/15 2014. The first show for both CS Docs Muddy Karmen (Bella) and Gayla Going Big Time (Missy). Unfortunatley with May being so busy and the tons of rain we got in June they had quite a bit of time off. However they showed tremendous try!

Missy was shown Saturday in the open cutting and scored a 63. Mostly raw talent as we have not worked many cows!

Bella scored a 64 in the Open cutting placing 3rd Saturday. For the reined work Saturday she placed 2nd even having a bit of a rough run. However Sunday she shined! She placed 1st in Open Fencework and scored the highest fence run and won the High Fence Run Sweater!

Thank you NARCHC for the great show and Clint Swales for Judging!

Overall very happy with my horses who had very little preparation for this show! We will get back into the swing of things and be on fire for next time!!

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