Let it snow….

And she really came down!

With the changing season there is lots to do to get ready! We have been busy getting pens and feeders ready for the coming months.Getting our pens and shelters bedded down with lots of nice straw.

Last week we had Kirk Anderson out to catch up on a few dentals and to get some branding done! We managed to get 17 done before we ran out of nitrogen so we will catch up on them when we can. The ones that are done look great and we cannot wait to see what they look like when they grow in. We have had some really nice horses leave the place that we never managed to brand and we are glad that now we will see our brand getting out there!

Over the last week or so you may have noticed we have added *Our Top Picks* to each age category. These horses are the ones we feel out of their age group have the best mind, conformation, pedigree and will be the best mounts! We believe all of our horses will excel and they are all fantastic but to help steer your search we have added this in! It was hard to pick some of them as there are many that are so so close!

We have reduced our prices on a few of our horses for a short while. We would like to see them in a new loving home! As always you can bring them back for discounted training.

This week we are devoting our time to getting in Vic and Jason for a quick restart after they have had LOTS of time off since being started. Should take it in stride. If you have been following Misse aka “Docs Classy Mistress” we will also be starting her. Looking forward to having Sylvia from Gemini Equestrian out to help us out! If you are looking for a fantastic girl in and around Edmonton, she travels as well she is a great hand! Always great to work with different people to expand our knowledge.

We are introducing a tune up/ conditioning/ miles program to our training. For a reduced rate we will work to get your horse in condition and tune up their cues a little bit sharper. We do ask that you demonstrate the extent of your horses capabilities so we know what we have to work with!

Also adding a more general training program, rather than the high performance training. This program will be a more general program, still achieving soft responsive horses. However the goals will not be show level reining maneuvers as with the regular training program. Horses will neck rein, turn around, stop in a soft and willing manner.

Keep in mind we still have spots over the winter and booking for training starting in the spring for training and colt starting! We are excited to meet the horses we will be working with next year!


That is all for now!

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