January Update

Hope everyone is enjoying our warm weather and getting some riding in!

Firstly I would like to congratulate Annessa on her purchase of Young N Stormy aka Brooklyn! She has picked up a great filly, and we are pleased to say she will be staying with us for the remainder of winter to get another month of riding before heading down to southern AB!


Speaking of riding we had Sylvia from Gemini Equestrian out to help get some videos of Jason, Brooklyn and Sassy! It was a gorgeous weekend and a lot of fun, so glad I have a good friend to help me out while I am healing up!

You may have noticed our new site layout, I am loving the new look! I am changes a few pages around with the layout and hope you all like the new style!

I am takings bookings for training in 2015. I am keeping the training page as updated as I can. We are excited to hear about the horses we are working with this summer so far! If you are interested please contact us or use the Training Application Form to give us a detailed profile of your horse! This year we will be setting up a training gallery as the year progresses with the horses that we work with!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy trails

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