NARCHC February Winter Show

So this weekend was our February Dustin Grams clinic and schooling show. It was a huge success! We had lots of new members and seem to have lots of new interest in the rest of the series and the upcoming summer series! The clinic was a great success, participants seeing improvements on all reining maneuvers with 2 participants making the top 3 reining score on Sunday!

Stacey has started riding lightly again. Hannah and Cosmo had their first rides since November earlier this week, and couldn’t be happier with them. Took them to the Sunday show. Hannah was entered into the rein/box, and we just narrowly missed the top 3 needing to school a stop. We have never worked Hannah on cattle but entered her into the boxing to see if we had anything! the first couple moves were a little rough but she locked on to our cow in the last 20 seconds and finished with a nice work.

Cosmo had a nice work in the boxing, a nice quiet cow, had good stop need to work on getting her to drive up to the cow and put some more pressure instead of hanging back.

Overall very happy with the weekend with the mares, they are so good minded and willing to work.

Also congrats to Gary Coleman and his client and their purchase of Sonitas Goodie Bag! He is now in full time training at Gary Coleman Performance Horses and is being put on track as a 2015 futurity prospect! We look forward to keeping tabs on this amazing gelding and his progress in the cutting pen!

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