Fall 2016

Hey Everyone,

Haven’t updated in a long time! We have moved a lot in the past year.

Worked at a high class dressage barn made some great friendships with clients and co workers. Worked with some very talented horses.

I spent the summer on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association working for Troy Flad. It was an awesome summer and an awesome learning experience.

Currently relocated to St Paul. Hoping to ride Cosmo consistently this winter and hopefully show in the NARCHC for the 2017.

I am not in a location to consistently train but I can give lessons wherever works best for you!

June 2014

Wow I haven’t updated in a long time!

Things have been very busy this spring. Seeding, calving spraying and of course horses! I want to say now that May is done things will slow down but I highly doubt that.

Most of our horses have been put on hold during seeding, which is unfortunate but with mostly having 2 and 3 year olds left it doesn’t hurt them to grow up a little bit more!

The NARCHC Buckle Series is in full swing. D4PH had a good first show in May placing well for the first horse show for Cosmo and Kat. We are looking forward to the Vermilion show July 18/19!

Our ProCutter flag has come in and is now set up! Works great so come out and play! As always the arena is open for riding and now flag practice and we do offer lessons!

NARCHC February Winter Show

So this weekend was our February Dustin Grams clinic and schooling show. It was a huge success! We had lots of new members and seem to have lots of new interest in the rest of the series and the upcoming summer series! The clinic was a great success, participants seeing improvements on all reining maneuvers with 2 participants making the top 3 reining score on Sunday!

Stacey has started riding lightly again. Hannah and Cosmo had their first rides since November earlier this week, and couldn’t be happier with them. Took them to the Sunday show. Hannah was entered into the rein/box, and we just narrowly missed the top 3 needing to school a stop. We have never worked Hannah on cattle but entered her into the boxing to see if we had anything! the first couple moves were a little rough but she locked on to our cow in the last 20 seconds and finished with a nice work.

Cosmo had a nice work in the boxing, a nice quiet cow, had good stop need to work on getting her to drive up to the cow and put some more pressure instead of hanging back.

Overall very happy with the weekend with the mares, they are so good minded and willing to work.

Also congrats to Gary Coleman and his client and their purchase of Sonitas Goodie Bag! He is now in full time training at Gary Coleman Performance Horses and is being put on track as a 2015 futurity prospect! We look forward to keeping tabs on this amazing gelding and his progress in the cutting pen!

Growing Up and Mental Health

While this isn’t a training method it definitely has an affect on your horse and subsequent training. The Western Horse Review wrote an article featuring Martin Black and a renown brain scientist investigating horses and how they think. One point they made was how horses are raised. In the article they make a comparison between a stall or small paddock raised colt and one free to roam ie. a mustang. Through research they came to the conclusion that the wild or free range colts had more mental connections than the stall raised colt.

Quality and diversity of the environment that a colt grows up in has a huge influence on their health and well being. Not only the landscape challenges that aid in muscle and bone development, but obstacles that require a colt to learn how to get themselves out of trouble. They are forced to be quicker on their feet in both athletics and mental capacity.

We are proud at Diamond 4 Performance Horses that we live in very hilly and varied landscape. The weanlings we buy are halterbroke and friendlied up enough that they are easy to handle but for the most part we leave them alone. Today I was remarking about how the weanlings decided on a nice warm day to go and run through the large pasture that attaches to their pen. Unusual for them but it goes to show that they aren’t afraid to go and challenge themselves. The benefits are enormous, they have to handle themselves with great care and attention as they run up and down steep hills and learn to negotiate the ravines, fallen trees and more that they will find out there.

The benefits of turnout are very evident on a horse that is in training. I recall one day bringing in some horses to ride from their small outdoor stalls, it was near the end of the week. The one gelding was way off, very spooky, jumpy, could barely handle being brushed. Thinking back he hadn’t had the same turn out as everyone else because he was terrible to catch, the girls could easily spend half an hour trying to catch him, getting him very wound up in the process. Instead of carrying on and going to work I did some basic ground work that he knew well and turned him out for the weekend. He came back in Monday, was suprisingly good to catch and back to his old lazy relaxed self.

I have noticed this as well in horses I have boarded at barns that only have small turnouts. It is exciting to bring them home and turn them out in a big pasture. They buck and kick and race around for hours.

So whether you are raising foals or riding horses, good turnout does wonders on a horses physical and mental well being and should be a priority to healthy management.

January Update

Hope everyone is enjoying our warm weather and getting some riding in!

Firstly I would like to congratulate Annessa on her purchase of Young N Stormy aka Brooklyn! She has picked up a great filly, and we are pleased to say she will be staying with us for the remainder of winter to get another month of riding before heading down to southern AB!


Speaking of riding we had Sylvia from Gemini Equestrian out to help get some videos of Jason, Brooklyn and Sassy! It was a gorgeous weekend and a lot of fun, so glad I have a good friend to help me out while I am healing up!

You may have noticed our new site layout, I am loving the new look! I am changes a few pages around with the layout and hope you all like the new style!

I am takings bookings for training in 2015. I am keeping the training page as updated as I can. We are excited to hear about the horses we are working with this summer so far! If you are interested please contact us or use the Training Application Form to give us a detailed profile of your horse! This year we will be setting up a training gallery as the year progresses with the horses that we work with!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Happy trails

Loose Rein Work

One of the things we build a strong foundation is loose rein work. Your horse should walk, trot, and lope on a loose rein and a nice relaxed manner. They shouldn’t feel a need to rush off and duck and dive. Working on our lateral flexion we will do lots of one rein stops if a horse goes faster than we would like.

This serves a dual purpose of slowing a racy horse and also gets them even softer! It can also help a horse be more responsive to direct reining and can help them pick their shoulders up, especially helpful for a horse that likes to drop a shoulder and refuse to take a lead.

When starting colts we rarely if ever pick up on both reins while moving forward. We teach the colts to want to stop on a loose rein off a verbal and seat cue.

The first weeks of riding we do a lot of single rein direction, on a loose rein. This makes for soft, relaxed partners! And continues for the length of their riding career!

Happy New Years!

Everyone here at D4PH hopes that you had a Merry Christmas and a great New Years!

We have change our website format! we hope that you love it, still working some stuff out but its coming along!

We have a few thank yous to send out.

Firstly to Rylee who purchased Misse (Docs Classy Mistress)! Rylee and Misse will be heading to Montana to attend a colt starting certification. We look forward to seeing the updates and progress they make starting in March.


Second to Jim for his purchase of Vic (Smart Legends) and Bambi (Young N Sweet)! They are future rope prospects but first will be spending some good time on the ranch and out in the pastures checking cattle.

IMAG0524         bambi3

Last but not least Charlene. She is a repeat customer with our program having bought Spice (BSF Kabootle) as her next penning prospect last summer. This weekend she is taking our Roxy home! (Sweet Whittle Boon)


We very much appreciate your support! Our horses are going to great homes and we cannot wait to see the future updates!

Lateral Work

As a trainer I cannot help but stress how vital and important lateral work is with your horse. It is the foundation and building blocks to training a truly soft horse. A horse that is soft and giving laterally will be far better off than a horse that bends vertically.

Make it a goal that your horse is soft equally to each rein at the beginning of your ride. He should be able to flex without feeling the need to move his feet. Your goal also is to have level ears. If the opposite ear is lower then he is not truly bending behind his ears at his poll, rather he is only giving his jaw!

Lateral work is the key to fixing many common problems!

December 2014

Merry Christmas!!

For a limited time we are offering discounted prices on some of  our colts. I have broken my wrist and cannot ride unfortunately. So if anyone has caught your eye now is the time to buy!

On that note we are currently looking for a rider to replace myself for the time being. If you are looking to gain some experience in the saddle this is your chance! All riding will be done under my supervision and instruction. Looking for someone with intermediate riding skills and preferably comfortable riding green colts. Contact Us for more details!

Let it snow….

And she really came down!

With the changing season there is lots to do to get ready! We have been busy getting pens and feeders ready for the coming months.Getting our pens and shelters bedded down with lots of nice straw.

Last week we had Kirk Anderson out to catch up on a few dentals and to get some branding done! We managed to get 17 done before we ran out of nitrogen so we will catch up on them when we can. The ones that are done look great and we cannot wait to see what they look like when they grow in. We have had some really nice horses leave the place that we never managed to brand and we are glad that now we will see our brand getting out there!

Over the last week or so you may have noticed we have added *Our Top Picks* to each age category. These horses are the ones we feel out of their age group have the best mind, conformation, pedigree and will be the best mounts! We believe all of our horses will excel and they are all fantastic but to help steer your search we have added this in! It was hard to pick some of them as there are many that are so so close!

We have reduced our prices on a few of our horses for a short while. We would like to see them in a new loving home! As always you can bring them back for discounted training.

This week we are devoting our time to getting in Vic and Jason for a quick restart after they have had LOTS of time off since being started. Should take it in stride. If you have been following Misse aka “Docs Classy Mistress” we will also be starting her. Looking forward to having Sylvia from Gemini Equestrian out to help us out! If you are looking for a fantastic girl in and around Edmonton, she travels as well she is a great hand! Always great to work with different people to expand our knowledge.

We are introducing a tune up/ conditioning/ miles program to our training. For a reduced rate we will work to get your horse in condition and tune up their cues a little bit sharper. We do ask that you demonstrate the extent of your horses capabilities so we know what we have to work with!

Also adding a more general training program, rather than the high performance training. This program will be a more general program, still achieving soft responsive horses. However the goals will not be show level reining maneuvers as with the regular training program. Horses will neck rein, turn around, stop in a soft and willing manner.

Keep in mind we still have spots over the winter and booking for training starting in the spring for training and colt starting! We are excited to meet the horses we will be working with next year!


That is all for now!